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Are you perhaps thinking of selling your home? Or you may need a little spruce up of the tired and worn look? A few months ago, myself and my husband started out on a journey of house hunting… I found myself decorating “in my mind” as we went along!

Your front entrance sets the scene for a warm and inviting home! Start with creating neat and appealing walkways and sidewalks, so that anyone visiting will feel welcome, or if you are selling, this will create greater buyer appeal.

Front door with plants and flower display

Let us look at how to create an inspirational entrance to your home.

  • Create a focal point to your front door and if it needs a spruce up, paint or varnish to match your style and architectural features of the house.
  • Repaint if necessary, you would need to consider the condition of the existing paint, and whether it would need to be stripped, walls well prepared before new paint can be applied. There are so many trendy exterior paint colours on the market, keep in mind your architectural features. Consider the garage doors and outdoor garden accessories that may need a fresh spruce up.
  • Potted plants are always a welcoming appeal to your home and can be achieved on a relatively low budget.
  • Hallway entrances say so much about the people who live there, and sometimes are left bare. Create a grand impression, or a serene effect with your best travel photo’s. Special pieces that have been passed on can be mixed with the new décor to create greater interest.

Staircase to next level of house

  • Plants create a fresh appeal, select shade tolerant plants if there is low light and keep in mind your homes condition, or consider grow globes to help with plant growth.
  • If the space permits add a few furniture pieces and begin to create a flow that will carry through to the rest of the house. This may also be the time for decluttering, I always consider the saying, “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. By William Morris

I believe that a home is where the heart is, it is more than just a place where we live. A home does not need to be bland with pieces that clash. It is a place where we get to enjoy our surroundings, a home with a fresh coat of paint, painted in a calming colour can lift your mood. The vibrancy of friends and family around a dining table enjoying a meal together. A place to reflect and be inspired….a  place to call home……….

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