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Colours that are well balanced with soft mid tones and deep tones can be both inviting and inspirational, capable of influencing emotions, perceptions and overall  ambiance of a space. Colour has the ability to transform your home into a beautiful place that feels like a space you would want to escape to.


Finding inspiration for colour schemes can stem from various sources, including travel experiences, nature’s beauty, and the captivating elements found in landscapes.


Exploring local markets and historical sites can unveil unique colour combinations in art and architecture and cultural artifacts. Look for vibrant hues, moody earthy tones of ancient buildings, these experiences can inspire colour choices for interiors.

Travelling to international destinations can expose you to a wide spectrum of colours.

Imagine tranquil blues and azure that reflect the colours of the ocean in Mauritius, or Maldives, or the bold colours of the streets in Mediterranean town, or the warm tones of Morrocco Souks, for vibrant colour schemes.


From the soft pastel tones of blooming flowers to the rich earthy tones of tree bark, nature provides an extensive range of harmonious colour combinations. Wide landscapes of pale blues sky, deep rich greens of rolling hills can evoke emotions and inspire colour choices for interiors.


Colours found in nature and travel might not suit interior spaces in their raw form, it would be crucial that one would need to adapt these inspirations to suit the style, lighting, design, proportion and overall purpose of the room.

Finding inspiration for interior colours through travel and nature allows for spaces to be created that not only reflect beauty but have special meaning as this resonates with the fond memories, resulting in interiors that tell your unique and compelling story.

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