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Selecting the best quality fabric and ensuring it is right for your furniture piece will give you peace of mind for years to come, as is the opposite when selecting fabrics that are inferior in quality.

A favourite passion of mine is collecting aged pieces of furniture inherited from family or friends. Sprucing up the piece with interesting fabric and sanding down the dull varnish. There are many styles, patterns and colours of fabric that will suite even the most discerning buyer. Upholstery fabric can create the most dramatic atmosphere to a living space.

More Designers and Decorators are supplying fabrics for their interior design projects that are “ Fiber-guard protected” which ensures low maintenance and easy to clean fabrics. Stains can be removed by using water, it is advisable to attend to the spill immediately. Stubborn stains may require a bit of household soap. Fiber-guard fabrics are pet friendly and designed to meet the demands of everyday life, for both residential and professional use. Fiber-guard upholstery fabrics may initially be more costly than other ordinary upholstery fabrics, but in the long term, this will ensure your peace of mind.

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A well upholstered furniture item will add comfort and style to your living space. At the beginning stages of selecting fabrics, it is advisable to seek professional assistance and guidance from reputable professionals on which fabrics to choose. Qualities of fabrics are made up of light, medium and heavy weighted fabrics for various purposes. It is important to know which weighted fabric to use for the specific purpose.

Design Trends 2021 has deep interpretations and there is a myriad of colours, fabrics, designs and patterns to choose from. The atmosphere of a living space can be changed by introducing different patterns, like simplistic ginghams and checks to create a vintage atmosphere, giving a sense of nostalgia.

Fabrics have a “rub count “make sure you are aware of the rub count before going ahead with your reupholstery project.

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