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Colour palettes and simple ideas that make big impact. Selecting the right colour scheme for your bedroom is key to creating your desired effect. This past year has seen us in our homes more than what we normally would be, which is even more reason for our homes to reflect calmness, serenity, and timeless appeal.

As much as colour is inspirational, it can also be daunting and intimidating to the unsure.


A neutral palette is timeless and need never be boring. The image below of an off-white palette creates a calming and restful effect. When planning the colour scheme of your bedroom, consider the size of the room, the style, and architectural features. A bedroom should have large enough windows to allow for natural light, as this will affect the overall lightness or darkness of the bedroom.

South facing bedrooms with little natural light are best with neutrals that have a warmer undertone, or warm colours like yellow and taupe. Bedrooms with more natural light may be best with cool colours, like greens and blues, or neutrals with cool undertones.

A colour palette that is carefully created will be easy on the eye, its important to consider the atmosphere you wish to create. Selecting fabrics with interesting patterns, textures and colours adds to the atmosphere of the bedroom, like a cozy mohair blanket in rich colour, is perfect for creating a warm dreamy atmosphere.

Off white bedding bed display with images on wall

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